CH AGS Little Dipper MsMoneyBags *M

Sire- AGS BRB SS Dust In The Wind
    SS- AGS Twin Creeks BW Storm Surge
       SD- AGS Piddlin Acres Nota Gossip

Dam- SGCH AGS Castle Rock Rainy Day Fund
    DS- AGS Twin Creeks PD MoneyInTheBank
       DD- AGS Ponders End SL Faerie Dust

DOB: 7/16/2007   We are so proud of Missy for earning her milking star as an 8 year old

LA: VVEV 89 (2016)


Urban Acres DP Elle 3*M

Sire- Urban Acres PP Doppelganger *B

    SS- AGS NC Promisedland SS Ping Pong +*B

       SD- SG AGS Copper Penny Blue Eyed Susan *M

Dam- SGCH Urban Acres WC Madeline 2*M

    DS- SG AGS NC Promisedland HS White Cloud *B

       DD- SG AGS Lindy Haven BP Molly *M

DOB: 1/22/2014   Elle is a big doe personality in a little package. She is an excellent milker, very dairy, nice flatness of bone and a beautiful well attached udder. She has an unfortunate moon spot on her back that makes it look like she doesn't had a nice straight back when she actually does. We really love this doe.


LA: +VVV 86  (2017)


SG Odds Are D Capucchino 4*M

Sire- Lost Valley C Dandur

    SS- Lost Valley TB Ciaro*B

       SD-Hill Country's An'More

Dam- SG Double Sundog PT Mocha 3*M

    DS- Double Sundog CY Petroglyph *B

       DD- SG Double Sundog TH City Lights 2*M

DOB:7/1/2014    Capucchino is a lovely doe with an excellent will to milk. She has fantastic manners on the stand, a lovely well attached udder and easy to milk teats with good orrifaces. She is an uphill doe with good dairy character.

SHOW WINS: Has not been shown

LA : VEVV 87 (2016)

       +EEE 88 (2017

SG Odds Are D Bouncin Boots 3*M

Sire- Lost Valley C Dandur

    SS- Lost Valley TB Ciaro*B

       SD-Hill Country's An'More

Dam- Odds Are T Andromeda 2*M

    DS- Piddlin Acres Timbura

       DD- SG Little Dipper Bebes Orphan Annie*D*M


SHOW WINS: Best Udder Judge Dan Laney 2016 Watsonville

                         GCH  Judge Dan Laney 2016 Lake County Fair  

LA :VVEE 89 (2016)

Sly Farms SP Dignity*D*M AR 2287

Sire- Buttin'Heads Sharp No.2 Pencil
    SS- Sugar Creek's SS Sharp Shooter*S
       SD- Buttin'Heads Polished Apple

Dam- Sly Farms Bedazzled
    DS- Piddlin Acres PV ShanghiKnight
       DD- Starbucks Puddin Pie

DOB: 2/15/2009


1 ADGA RGCH SR Doe MKDGA Fuzzy Doe Show (2015)


LA:   VVVV      (2010)
        ++V+  82 (2011)
        VVE+ 86 (2013)

Apple Hill Kids IMCC Topaz

Sire- AGS DC Miniatures IM Chupa Chup

    SS- AGS Big Enuf SI Image of the Moon

       SD- AGS DC Miniatures Gingersnap

Dam- AGS Kehilan Fireople

    DS- AGS Flat Rocks Five-O-One Blues

       DD- AGS Ponders End DG Piccadilly

DOB:  3/16/2010



For Sale $300 (Wattles)

Mystiques DB Domini Que Blues

Sire- AGS MYS Domino Blues

    SS- AGS Prairie Wood Double Stuff Oreo

       SD- AGS Prairie Wood Sierra Blues

Dam- MYS DSO Tuscan Sun Blues

    DS- AGS Prairie Wood Double Stuff Oreo

       DD- AGS Prairie Wodd Moonlight Sable

DOB:  3/2/2011



Coletown Farms SG Genie Blues

Sire- AGS Twin Creeks WB Solid Gold *S

    SS- AGS MCH Goodwood Weisbaden +*S E

       SD- AGS MCH Twin Creeks BH Phantom Bride *D E

Dam- AGS MYS Sunkist Honey Blues

    DS- AGS Everwood RR Flash

       DD- AGS MYS DSO Tuscan Sun Blues

DOB:  3/16/2010



SG Farn Oldesouth BE Bop Sassy 5*M

Sire- J-Nels DH Be Bop *B

    SS- CH Algedi Farm DJ Drops of Honey *B

       SD-SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 2*M

Dam- SGCH NC Promisedland BHP Scandal 4*M

    DS- SGCH Buttin Heads Palimony ++*B

       DD-SGCH NC Promisedland Sia Sunra 3*M

DOB: 2/12/2014  Sassy is a beautiful doe with a gorgeous udder who struggles with obesity. As a result her cannon bones and shoulders have already begun to break down due to the excessive weight. It has had a negative effect on her LA scores. We are working hard to try and balance this extremely easy keeper with a good diet and still maintain milk production. We can't help but wonder what she could do in the pail if she didn't maintain herself so fat...


LA : ++VV 86 (2016)

        AAEV 80 (2017)

Odds Are T Xrima

Sire- CH AGS Mystiques DSO Tuxedo Blues

    SS- AGS Prairie wood Double Stuff Oreo

       SD- AGS Prairie Wood Moonlight Sable

Dam- CH AGS Little Dipper DITW MsMoneyBags (Missy)

    DS- AGS BRB SS Dust In The Wind

       DD- SGCH AGS Castle Rock Rainy Day Fund

DOB: 2/15/2015   Xrima is super slow to mature. As a 2 year old 2F she still looks like a yearling freshener. She has a lovely udder with huge easy to milk teats and ots of dairy character packed into a tiny doe. Missy's bloodlines just seem to take a longer time to reach full maturity and that's okay with us since Missy is still milking well at 10 years of age.  We will be pleased if Xrima follows in her dam's hoof prints.


LA: ++V+ 83  (2016)

      +VV+ 84  (2017)