Gubala's MB114 "Laura"

 DOB 1/30/15.   Variety- Blue. Laura is an extremely beautiful and correct doe. This doe came to us in need of some body conditioning straight from weaning a litter. Laura earned a leg at 2017 WCC


Odds Are OAJ14 Sarah

 DOB 6/5/17.    Variety- Blue. Sarah is an extremely long and lovely doe. Sarah is out of CH JLG Catalina sired by Gubala's Dodger

12/9/17    BOV Judge Kendal Bledsoe

12/9/17    BOV Judge Cathy Szychulda

12/9/17    BOV Judge Michael Mageles

12/10/17   BOV Judge Maddy Pratt

JLG Shinobi

DOB 6/5/17     Variety- Black. Shinobi is a handsome young buck.We expect him to make some nice kits with our Catalina/Dodger does. Shinobi is out of Jorge's JLG Layla and sired by Jorge's JLG CA Ninja

Has NOT been shown yet


Odds Are OAJ13 Rosey

DOB 6/5/17     Variety- Blue. Beautiful doe with good bone structure, well blended and a nice big butt. Rosey is out of CH JLG Catalina Sired by Gubala's Dodger

9/17/17     BOSV

11/25/17   BOV Judge Kendal Bledsoe

11/24/17   BOV Judge Scott Wiebensohn

12/8/17     BOV Judge Rany Shumaker

12/10/17   BOV Judge Rusty Westhoff

12/10/17   BOV Judge Mary Whitney

Odds Are OAJ16 Pee Wee Reese

DOB 6/5/17     Variety- Blue. Pee Wee is a really nice young buck out of CH JLG Catalina sired by Gubala's Dodger.

 9/16/17   BOV  Judge Chris Zemny

11/25/17   BOSV Judge Kendal Bledsoe

11/25/17   BOSV Judge Scott Wiebensohn

12/8/17    BOSV Judge Randy Shumaker

12/9/17    BOSV Judge Kathy Szychulda

12/9/17    BOSV Judge Michael Mageles