Gubala's MB114 "Laura"

 DOB 1/30/15. Variety- Blue. Laura is an extremely beautiful and correct doe. This doe came to us in need of some body conditioning straight from weaning a litter. We will have better photos when she has put some weight back on.


JLG's  Catalina

 DOB 2016. Variety- Blue. Catalina is an extremely long and lovely doe. We picked her up at the Turlock show where she truly strutted her stuff by winning enough BOV, BOB, & BOSB to be a registered finished Champion. Can't wait to find her an amazing buck and make some beautiful babies...


 Born 2013. Variety- fawn. Fessick is a pet. He is quite the ham and loves to be held or play with you.  For giggleswe took Fessick to the 2017 CA Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Show in Turlock. There were no other fawns at the show so he won 4 Best Of Variety and one Best Opposite of Breed. Yes, we sorta feel guilty since he has no pedigree.


Copper's I183 "Jardis"

DOB 3/18/16. Variety- White. Beautiful doe with good bone structure, well blended and a nice big butt. Jardis is a grumpy doe who likes to growl at everyone and hates taking photos.


DOB 2016. Variety- Light Gray. Artemis is coming from Jorge's Giants to service our beautiful White does. We picked him up in Turlock at the 2017 CA Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Show. He is now registered and needs one more win to be a Permanent Champion. We are still learning how that all works...