Last Updated 1/5/2018

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Handmade With Love

All manner of inspirational, encouraging & just plain funny signs to brighten your day as well as your home. 

  • ADGA & AGS Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats
  • Munchkin Cats
  • Little Orphan Annie Soap & Sign Works
  • Flemish Giant Rabbits

Our Products:

From Our Home To Yours

We work hard to create fun, beautiful & allergy friendly soaps for you. We have unscented soap made with glycerine, goats milk, honey & oat meal for folks with allergies. The scented soaps come in Man Soap, Bubble Gum, Snickerdoodle, Strawberries & Cream, Orange, and Bacon to name a few.

Little Orphan Annie Soap & Sign Works

Show, pet and meat quality Flemish Giant rabbits.  We are working on pedigreed stock for show.

TICA registered Munchkin cats & kittens. We fell in love with this breed for their unique look & amazing personality.

ADGA & AGS registered Does. We strive hard to keep excellent milking does who will do well in the show ring & put lots of milk in the pail.


ADGA & AGS registered Herd Sires. These guys are the power behind our wonderful does.